Ambroisie, Restaurant with terrace in Isère

Experience and boldness

He defines himself as a «moderate free electron»: André Taormina who grew up in Collobrières, in the shade of chestnut trees, does not forget his Mediterranean roots, but does not forbid anything. From his experience of large houses to his installation with Angélique en Isère, he refined his technique and precision, immersed himself in local products to, over the course of exchanges, build his culinary identity that he affirms today in readable and creative dishes.

He then dares, in complete freedom, to create surprise, through daring associations, sets of textures that arouse astonishment, always respecting the work of the earth and the suppliers, sometimes inspired by a trip, a memory or a meeting. Generosity, audacity and a touch of malice for unexpected sensations: a meal at the Ambroisie restaurant in Isère, where the joy of savoring a break of culinary discoveries.

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Confidence Menu
Saesonal Truffle menu
A la Carte
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Confidence Menu
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Let go and let yourself be carried along with the dishes: this is the gastronomic invitation launched by the «Confidence Menu» imagined by Chef Taormina. The occasion for him to express himself in complete freedom and for each guest, to understand this instinctive cuisine inspired by quality products, with as solid base the technical mastery. We embark for a gourmet walk, guided by André Taormina, to whom, during a meal, we trust to live a gastronomic experience, between discoveries, pleasure and astonishment.

Saesonal Truffle menu
- 140 €

During his stay at Bruno’s in Lorgues, he discovered the truffle and learned to work with it. Seduced by the different varieties of this mushroom, whose tastes his family loves, he gives them a place of choice on his menu when he settles, here, in his restaurant in Saint-Didier-de-la-Tour in Isère.

 The Menu Truffe de saison, one of the only ones in the Rhone Valley to be offered all year round, is a speciality of the house that sometimes attracts travelers from far away: we savour this product sublimated through an exceptional menu in the tradition, as a tribute to one of its “fathers” of the trade, through deeply flavorful dishes.


The eggs
Scrambled / grated truffles
The potato
Baked/ truffle cream
Pigeon, breeding Mr. BERGER
Served in crust/ foie gras and truffles
Brie de Meaux
Served truffled
A la Carte

Very attached to his origins in the south of France and to what his wine-growing grandparents passed on to him, the Chef is also an authentic and reassuring man: with Angélique, they have decided to keep a menu on which we find dishes with truffles, Essential, and inspirations of the chef, land, sea, according to arrivals and seasons.



The inspiration of the chef30€
Season truffle risotto38€
Scrambled eggs with season truffle35€
The potato/ truffle cream of season35€
Kaviari crystal caviar (50g)190€


Main Courses

The Sea, according to inspiration and arrival60€
The whole blue lobster (next arrival)70€
Pigeon served in crust, truffle and foie gras70€
The Earth, following the inspiration and the market60€
Plant inspiration30€



The cheese trolley20€
Brie de Meaux with season truffles20€



The creation of trompe l'oeil fruit…20€


Wine Lists

Self-taught, passionate and curious, guided by her desire to please, Angélique Taormina shares her love of wine through a card she wants to be “alive”, in motion, enriched through meetings and exchanges, sometimes even to make the lines move.

unexpected discoveries, customer advice, for the selection of bottles, for the most part from independent winemakers: the opportunity to create the most beautiful agreements.

Awarded with the Michelin Guide’s Red Cluster, the wine list of this restaurant in Isère in Saint-Didier-de-la-Tour gives pride of place to the crus of the Rhone Valley and Burgundy, a translation of the owners' taste, However, this does not preclude suggestions to other wine-producing lands.

Information and reservations

The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Angelique, André and their team welcome you:

  • 12.00 to 12.45 (last order taken)
  • From 19:30 to 20:15 (last order taken)
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