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Restaurant Ambroisie | Gastronomic Restaurant Isère | Vegetable Garden
Our Producers

Ambroise restaurant in the surrounding of Bourgoin-Jallieu

The origin: good products…

In this gourmet restaurant in Isère, around Bourjoin-Jallieu, the product sets the tone: André and Angélique both grew up in the countryside, where we know those who work the land, their history, and their know-how.

So, the Chef’s cuisine is naturally inspired by the arrivals of producers and friends around, the seasons, but especially their history, because nothing counts for this generous couple more than the human aspect of the ties they have forged with producers.

Restaurant Ambroisie | Gastronomic Restaurant Isère | Fresh Products

Product research: exchange and sharing

When they settled in Saint-Didier-de-la-Tour, they began a long work of sourcing, based on meetings, sometimes coincidences and exchanges around them. Professional collaborations that are also moments of shared life with those who are today more than suppliers: real friends and accomplices, who also inspire the chef’s dishes.

The couple also cultivates, with their two children, aromatic plants in the garden of the restaurant, which accompany the chef’s dishes and prepares the opening of a large vegetable garden a few minutes from Ambroisie, with a vast greenhouse and a collection of trees of all origins, which we imagine becoming easily a new source of inspiration of André.

And because this free cook does not forbid anything, this Marseillais of birth whose experience was built in the beautiful Var houses, made the choice of products from the shores of the Mediterranean and the hinterland – lobster, red mullet, Norway lobster – but also other regions. To go and get the best product, at the best time, to do the cuisine he loves and wants to share: he is a free and fulfilled chef who can be guessed through uncompromising dishes, serving taste and pleasure.

Restaurant Ambroisie | Gastronomic Restaurant Isère | Fresh products

Trustworthy suppliers

  • Jean-Marc Perrin-Contesse, Baker, Saint-Didier-de-la-Tour
  • Pierre, miller in Saint-Ondras
  • Laura and Loïc, farmers, cheese and dairy in Granieu
  • The Savoie maturing cellars for cheese
  • Christian, La ferme des Grandes Roches for goat and cow cheese
  • Jean-Yves for eggs in Leyrieu
  • Gérald breeder, butcher, for veal and beef, in Saint-Ondras
  • Julien for milk veal in Chimilin
  • Dominique, pigeon breeder in St Alban de Roche
  • Mass for foie gras in Lyon
  • Charles Murgat in Beaufort, for fish
  • Alpes Marée in La Motte Servolex and Acadiens lobsters in Grenoble
  • La terre ferme in Montagnieu for vegetables
  • Gabriel, my son, for the edible herbs and flowers of our garden
  • Local pickers for mushrooms and truffles
  • Cédric, Paludier, salt from Batz to Batz sur Mer
  • Stéphanie, producer of Extravagant Safran in Anjou
  • Hervé for vinegar, Balsamerie Clandestine in Yzeron
  • Arnaud for Kashmir spices in Grenoble
  • Marc for the Honey of our hive, harvested at the edge of our Lake
  • Valrhona for chocolate in Tain L'Hermitage
  • Llopis, confectioner, for the Pralines in Lyon
  • Marie-Laure for the Maroons of the Confiserie Azuréenne in Collobrières